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The RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency certificate is used all over the world by Superyacht deck crew, Yachtmasters, Stewardesses, charters, safety and rescue services. This training course gives a great introduction into safe driving for anyone using PWCs (Jet Skis)


Within the South African marine system at present there is no definition between boat and PWC as far as the skipper’s license is concerned. Some authorities, slipway operators etc do ask for proof of additional training. The RYA PWC Proficiency would probably meet most authorities requirements.

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Traveling abroad and using or hiring PWCs normally requires the skipper to have a recognized certificate. We can provide the International Certificate of competence (ICC) for Personal watercraft (Jet Skis). Attending a qualifying RYA course will give you the certificate that allows you to register for the ICC.


There are many rules and regulations concerning commercial boating. We can give you advice on boating related to.

  • PWCs
  • Powerboats
  • Motor Yachts
  • Sailing Yachts
  • Super Yacht Tenders
  • Vessels used for charter, diving, etc

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Our one day training course is the doorway to this exciting watersport. The course is mainly practical starting with an introduction to the main parts of the PWC and safety equipment and features. Later progressing to a rules of the road and higher speed turns.

Your RYA certificate can also have the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for personal water craft. We also offer the CEVNI (European inland waterways theory) test. The ICC is only available to people aged 16 years+, British and SA nationals can apply for this. Please contact us to confirm eligibility.

SAMSA training and exams can also be linked into the course. This allows you to enjoy personal watercraft in South Africa and with the RYA certificates most of the pleasure boating world.

Topics covered include:

  • Launching and recovery
  • Confined space manoeuvring, Mooring
  • Man over board procedure
  • Anchoring, Towing
  • Engine checks
  • High speed handling
  • Collision regulations, Buoyage
  • Basic chart work, navigation and Tides
  • Communication afloat
  • Emergency procedures


Entry requirements: None


Minimum age: 12, note SAMSA qualifications start from 16, however younger helmsman can operate pleasure craft under supervision of an appropriate SAMSA skipper.

Course duration: 1 day – 09:00 to 17:00

Prices include: RYA Personal watercraft Logbook, Certificate (on successful completion), All Fuel, Tea & Coffee, loan of Wetsuit and Lifejacket for the course. Not included SAMSA additional training and exams.

Dates: We train 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We have courses running every month and can fit in to your needs.

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The content is designed to empower good PWC drivers with the skills to instruct newcomers in this exciting watersport. The course delivers information on safe PWC handing, how to present theory topics, Practical teaching and how to assess and debrief clients.


This course is particularly important for Super yacht crew in the yacht Industry where PW licenses are required by their owner and/or their guests. This instructor qualification is ideal for the Deck crew looking to progress in the industry. It also means you may not need to scrub the decks so often if you are teaching and supervising the guests as they enjoy their time on your Yacht.

This three day instructor course is intended for those required to issue any of the RYA Personal Watercraft certificates listed below:

– RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency course

– RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety course (Superyachts Only)


The instructor course is run over 3 full days and will be delivered by an RYA PWC trainer. On the final day of the course you will be moderated by a second trainer. If however you are already an RYA Powerboat Instructor a one day conversion course is available that will certify you to teach the PWC courses.

Pre Course Requirements

To partake in this course we will require you to be over the age of 17, have completed the 1 Day PW Proficiency course, hold the RYA Level 2 Powerboat certificate, hold a valid First Aid certificate (STCW) and have at least one full seasons worth of PW experience.

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An Introduction

Superyachts now have the opportunity to become RYA Training centres and offer the Personal Watercraft Safety Certificate course to their guests, owners and crew. Upon successful completion of this one hour introductory course, the guest, owner or crew-member will be issued with a temporary Personal Watercraft/Jet Ski license that will permit them to use the Personal Watercraft on the yacht where the course was conducted.  This license will be valid for crew, owners and yacht’s guests. The certificate is not transferable.

Follow our simple, yet informative step to step guide in becoming an on-board RYA Training Centre and you will be up and running your own Personal watercraft courses on-board your yacht in no time!

Why do we need this course?

Many ports, marinas and maritime authorities have band PWCs from operating due to the lack of knowledge and skill of the PWC drivers. Due to this bad press over the years for noisy, uncontrolled activity often involving inappropriate speeding. The RYA in conjunction with the MCA, Yacht owners and others developed this scheme to help self-police the sport. So each registered yacht can run a safe and exciting watersports programme. This also helps to avoid bad press for the yacht and guests either due to an accident or receiving fines from the local authorities.

How to become a RYA Superyacht Training Centre

In order to conduct the Personal Watercraft Safety course on-board your yacht you will first need to gain recognition from the RYA to do so. There will be certain procedures that will need to be put in place along with the production of a comprehensive Operations Manual stating how you intend PWC operations to take place from the yacht.

  • Get one or more crew qualified as instructors.
  • One of these instructors will become the chief instructor. He will have the knowledge to run the courses and assist with setting up operating areas and training programme.
  • Apply to the RYA to become a centre
  • Write up and train staff to meet your operating procedures, risk assessments etc.
  • The RYA will send an inspector to assess your application. This inspector is also a guide to advise on the application and recommend alterations.

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