Making a living as an RYA Powerboat Instructor means living an adventurous life, earning well to support your lifestyle, and an opportunity to influence and pass your knowledge on to future generations. South Africa presents a perfect opportunity to achieve that. In this article, we will briefly introduce the RYA Instructor courses in South Africa.

RYA Instructor Courses in South Africa

The RYA Powerboat Instructor

The RYA powerboat Instructor in South Africa mainly teaches the RYA Powerboat Level 1 and Level 2 Course syllabi. As you are aware, the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course is the most popular entry point for learning powerboating in South Africa.

So, how does one become an RYA Powerboat instructor? Well, to teach something, you need to know it. In this case, you will have to be at least RYA Powerboat Level 2 certified in South Africa to be able to take this course.

As an instructor, you are responsible for planning your lessons for the RYA 1 or 2 certification course.

This is a 3-day course for candidates of age 16 and above. The course mainly prepares you for planning the classrooms and delivering the lessons effectively. You must have the basic first aid certificate, VHF/SRC Radio certificate, and the RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate to join the course.

Apart from that, experienced candidates are preferred for the course. However, if you are confident in your abilities and theoretical knowledge, you may sign up for the course. Before you begin, an RYA-certified instructor will test your knowledge to understand whether you are qualified for the course.

And, if you can successfully demonstrate planning and conducting lessons effectively, you will get the RYA Powerboat Instructor certification.

RYA Advanced Instructor

The RYA Advanced Instructor course is for those looking for a challenge in their career path. This 2-day advanced course requires the best of the powerboaters. This course will be the ultimate test of the best of your abilities. And so, the prerequisites for the course are harsh.

To take the course, you at least have to have the RYA Advanced Powerboat certification. And of course, you will also need the RYA Powerboat instructor certificate with a minimum of 100 hours of teaching experience. Apart from that, you will require the basic first aid certificate and the VHF/SRC radio certificate. Also, you will require the Yachtmaster Coastal Theory before you take the course.

This course is available for candidates of age 18 and above only. Includes night training.

The RYA PWC Instructor Course

Just like powerboats, the Personal Watercrafts, commonly known as Jet Skis, are also popular amongst seagoing adventurers. That also means the industry is always looking for jet ski instructors.

This 3-day course is designed with a curriculum for teaching necessary skill sets to aspiring jet ski enthusiasts. If you are an experienced PWC driver in South Africa, becoming an instructor might be your calling. Of course, that means you are holding the RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Training certificate.

The course focuses on instructions regarding PWC handling, presenting theory topics, practical teaching, and assessing and debriefing clients. During the course, you will learn how to plan and execute lessons effectively. On the final day, you will be assessed by another instructor.

Upon completion, you will get either the RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency certification or the PWC Safety Course for Superyachts.

While available for people wanting to be private instructors, this course is generally taken by the superyacht crew. PWC licenses are mandatory for superyacht seafarers, where they (the deck crew, mainly) are responsible for entertaining guests or the owner with superyacht toys.

Final Words

Taking your skills to the instructor level not only provides an opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience but also consolidates your skills and knowledge. In South Africa, there is a consistent demand for highly skilled and experienced instructors. If you are enthusiastic about powerboating in South Africa, becoming an RYA instructor might be just the right career for you.

The main advantage of the RYA certificates is that they are internationally recognised. Meaning, you can choose to instruct in Europe, for example, as a better career option with a higher average income.

If you are looking for any RYA Powerboat courses or RYA PWC courses instead, please feel free to check our website to connect with us for more information. 

The RYA Instructor Courses in South Africa