Steward or Stewardesses is a less revered role in the maritime industry. However, it is still one of the important roles in the maritime hospitality sector, such as cruise ships or yachts. So, what does a stewardess do exactly? In this article, we will talk about a stewardess’s duties and responsibilities on a yacht in South Africa.

Who is a Stewardess?

A stewardess on a superyacht primarily handles all sorts of hospitality responsibilities on a yacht. The hospitality includes serving food and beverages to guests, tending to their requests, and making them feel welcomed and special. While not all types of ships recruit stewardesses, they are a crucial part of cruise ships and yachts.

A stewardess is a meticulous and intricately skilled person who knows how to treat guests just right. Their impeccable and polite approach and intricate knowledge with etiquettes make them a perfect hospitality front of any yacht. They ensure that the service standards match the high-end standards of the luxurious superyacht.

What does a Stewardess do on a Yacht in South Africa?

As a Stewardess, your two important roles are hospitality and housekeeping. Let’s have a complete breakdown of a Stewardess’ duties and responsibilities on a yacht.

Guest Services

Stewardesses are responsible for providing top-notch hospitality services to the guests. This includes welcoming guests, serving meals and drinks, making beds, and attending to their needs and preferences. In rare cases, they may also assist with activities such as snorkelling, water sports, and shore excursions. Usually, this is a deckhand’s responsibility.


Stewardesses are responsible for keeping the interior of the yacht clean and organised. This includes cleaning cabins, salons, pools or jacuzzis, and common areas. Furthermore, they also do laundry and ironing, and ensure that the interior is always in immaculate condition.

Table Service

Stewardesses often have a significant role in setting and serving meals. They must have good knowledge of fine dining etiquette, table settings, and wine service. This includes preparing and serving formal and informal meals, cocktails, and beverages.

Interior Maintenance

Stewardesses are responsible for the general maintenance of the yacht’s interior. This may involve polishing silverware, cleaning and maintaining glassware and chinaware, and ensuring that all interior furnishings and decorations are well-maintained.

Guest Accommodations

They assist in making guests’ cabins comfortable by ensuring that they are well-stocked with amenities such as toiletries, towels, and other supplies. They may also be responsible for turning down beds, tidying cabins, and addressing any specific requests or preferences of the guests.

Inventory Management

Stewardesses often manage inventory, ordering and restocking supplies such as linens, cleaning products, and guest amenities as needed. They must keep track of inventory levels and make orders to ensure a well-stocked interior.

Guest Safety

Although the overall watchkeeping and safety responsibility mainly falls on the deckhand crew, stewardesses also play a role in guest safety. They should be knowledgeable about safety procedures and the location of safety equipment in case of emergencies, thanks to the STCW certification.


Stewardesses work closely with other crew members, including the chef, deckhands, and engineers, to ensure smooth operations and guest satisfaction. Effective communication and teamwork are essential in the superyacht industry.

Etiquette and Discretion

Stewardesses maintain a high level of professionalism, discretion, and decorum. They often work in close proximity to the guests and should be able to anticipate and meet their needs without intruding on their privacy.

Final Thoughts

The stewardess role is a demanding one, but also a satisfying one. If you are enthusiastic about providing hospitality in a high-end setting, yachts in South Africa may provide a great opportunity to provide you with such a work environment. As we have seen in this article, stewardesses in South Africa do plenty on a yacht to ensure smooth operation and the highest guest satisfaction.

In the next article, we will see how one can become a stewardess on a yacht in South Africa. However, if you have any questions or are looking for a stewardess course, Skipper Training SA can help you. For more information, visit our Stewardess page or contact us today.

What does a Stewardess do on a Yacht in South Africa?

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