What is the yachting industry?

Yachts are usually owned by people who vacation onboard. Yachts range in size from 50–450 ft. Yachts that are used uniquely by the owner, friends, and family are referred to as private. If an owner leases his yacht to a third party the yacht is then called a charter yacht. Both private and charter yachts require the crew to maintain and run the vessel.

Where the vessel travels to is determined by the owner. Standards of service, which are mostly quite high, vary from yacht to yacht. This is an industry that brings like-minded people together as crew members who are prepared to work hard. Yachting is unlike any other industry which brings rewards and expectations that are unique.

How do I get started?

To get started in the yachting industry there are a couple of key steps. Firstly, research and understand the industry by reading the following frequently asked questions and familiarize yourself with the rest of our website. Secondly, we encourage all crew to obtain their Basic STCW 95.
Make sure you know which position you would like to pursue in the industry and if this is the right industry for you.

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Yachting Industry
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