A superyacht crew needs to stay in shape. Fitness is also crucial for being presentable and professional as per the standards of the high-end industry demands. It is not always work and work on a superyacht, which can easily knock you out of your shape before you know it. So, how can you stay fit on a superyacht? Let’s find out in this article.

Work, Stress, and Fitness on a Superyacht

There are plenty of opportunities for a superyacht crew to lose their shape. Most of them even slip our minds before we even come to realise them.

Maintaining fitness while working long hours is arduous. As working in a competitive environment and under constant stress, you will likely lose sight of what you consume or how you rest. Losing your routine or following an unhealthy diet can also subtly contribute to physical fitness negatively. This can translate into you gradually not being fit for work or even developing certain medical conditions.

Also, let’s consider the work and vacation aspect of this industry. While work on a Superyacht is back-breaking and stressful, no doubt, there will be times for relaxation as well. For example, when not in season, a superyacht crew member may just tend to yacht maintenance or even go on a vacation. Or depending on the duration of your contract, you may be finding work on a new yacht altogether.

The off-season work or vacation can easily be a catalyst for losing fitness.

Being fit and appearing presentable go hand-in-hand in the Superyacht Industry. Let us see how you can stay fit on a superyacht.

How do I Stay Fit on a Superyacht?

a. Watch your Nutrition!

They say that muscles are made in the kitchen, not in a gym. They are right. Your nutrition is what will make you or break you. Long work hours and stress can easily affect your calorie intake. You may not even bother to watch what you are consuming.

However, being aware of this very fact is the first step to maintaining a diet on a Superyacht. Be mindful of what you are eating and how much you are eating. This will help you stay fit on a superyacht.

And yes, do not absolutely forget to stay hydrated on a superyacht!

b. Exercising on the Yacht

Depending on your Superyacht, you may have access to a gym. However, mostly you will be restricted with confined spaces, lack of gym equipment, and irregular working hours. Even so, there are a few physical exercises that will prove beneficial to you.

Exercises such as squats, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, lunges, and planks can be done (almost) anywhere and at any time. Finding time between your shifts just to do a 15 to 30-minute workout can help you stay fit onboard.

You may even use the deck at certain times to do exercises like yoga, stretching, or skipping ropes. Exercising will help your mind stay alert and your body ready for physical challenges.

c. Sleeping and Resting

Your body needs resting or a good sleep as much as you need exercises to stay fit onboard. Of course, while we are aware resting is a luxury during seasonal work, it is always a great idea to rest when the opportunity presents itself. If you are off-duty and need a rest, do take it.

Make your free hours count and utilise them wisely to refresh yourself for your next shift.

Final Words

The superyacht working schedule can do a number on people lest you have a physical and mental fortitude for the job. For the same purpose, you are required to renew your ENG1 Medical Certificate of Fitness at least once within a couple of years.

In this article, we explored the first half of how to stay fit on a superyacht. However, along with physical fitness, mental fitness is also equally important. We will be seeing how to stay mentally fit and active on a superyacht in the next article.

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How to Stay Fit on a Superyacht?