Every seafarer dreams of working on a superyacht at least once. The high-end luxurious working environment and highly competitive salary are too lucrative to turn your eyes away from. However, with such a high-end environment comes the high-end responsibility and skill set. And with it, deteriorating mental health. In this article, we will see the causes of mental health deterioration and how can you stay mentally strong on a superyacht.

Superyachts: A Highly Competitive and Stressful Environment

Superyachts are luxurious recreational vessels owned by the wealthiest people in the world. For many, it is an asset that symbolises their wealth and a hub to provide recreational activities with an exquisite taste of hospitality and cuisine.

Naturally, if you are to work in such an environment, mental pressure and stress are bound to walk alongside you. There are expectations to be met, standards to be maintained, and guests to be served—all while appearing as the best version of yourself at all times.

Thus, along with physical fitness, you require a certain level of mental fortitude. The first step to that is to identify what causes you stress or affects your mental health while working on a superyacht.

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to counter the stress and live a perfectly, mentally healthy life while working on a superyacht. How? Let’s see.

Maintaining Mental Health while working on a Superyacht

1. Sleep and Rest

According to the Mental Health Foundation UK, sleep is an essential and involuntary process, without which we cannot function effectively. It is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health.

While work on a superyacht can occupy up to 12-16 hours of your 24 hours, you must get rest whenever possible. For example, if you have a break of half an hour and are lacking rest, do take the rest. Sleeping will help your brain refresh, preparing you to tackle upcoming challenges with a fresh mindset.

2. Dealing with Feeling of Loneliness and Frustration

Being on a chartering superyacht means you will be away from your family and friends for a long time. During this time, your fellow yacht crewmembers are your friends—or even family.

However, being away for such an extended period could make you feel homesick and miss your loved and dear ones. Fortunately, however, you can connect with your family and friends from within the yacht, no matter where you are in the world. So, make sure you stay connected with your family and friends regularly. Allow yourself to open up to them if you are facing any issues and accept any assurances and comfort you can get from them.

Do not play ‘toughen up’ with them. If you have issues, do consult. Talk to them. It will help.

3. You are Never Alone

While your problems may feel personal, remember that you are not alone on the ship… literally. It is okay to talk about your mental health issues with your colleagues that you trust. Or if necessary, you may even talk about it with your seniors. It is ALWAYS okay to rely on others when you need it. Because let’s face it: you would do the same for others.

After a while, you WILL make friends and family alike with your fellow superyacht crewmembers. A bond forged via hardships of superyacht work is not a weak bond. Communication is the key. Look out for each other and the burden might just get a little easier.

4. Seek Professional Help

If nothing above is helping in any way to relieve or ease your mental pressure, we suggest you take it to a professional. Remember that the suggestions mentioned above are not a substitute for professional advice. Seek professional help if you feel like you absolutely need it.

Final Words

In 2024, more and more people are becoming aware and its repercussions on one’s body and mind. The key to maintaining mental health is to be open about it. Communicate, at least with the people you trust. You may find a light brighter than you expected, and when you least expect it.

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Maintaining Mental Health on a Superyacht