You are about to get the ENG1 Medical License, the first step to starting your career as a deckhand/stewardess on a superyacht. But wait, are you getting your ENG1 Medical from an MCA-approved doctor in South Africa? If you get the said certificate from any doctor other than an MCA-approved doctor, then it will be invalid. In this article, let’s get familiar with MCA doctors in South Africa and why they are important.

Why do I require an MCA-Approved Doctor for the ENG1 Medical in South Africa?

Before we understand why we require an MCA doctor to get an ENG1 medical certificate in South Africa, let us understand the following.

MCA stands for Maritime Coastguard Agency. It is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport in the UK. Its direct affiliation with the UK government makes it a government agency.

The RYA (Royal Yacht Association) in the UK is authorised to provide examinations, qualify examiners and issue certificates on behalf of the MCA. Founded in 1875, it is a national governing body for boating activities such as sailing, yacht and motor cruising, sail racing, windsurfing, sportsboats, and personal watercraft.

The MCA itself issues the ENG1 Medical Certificate of Fitness. As the Yachtmaster courses, or the RYA Powerboat courses are considered valid internationally, the majority of the yachts will also consider the ENG1 Medical Certificate internationally. Thus, you will require an MCA-approved doctor to issue the ENG1 medical certificate.

Where to find an MCA-Approved Doctor in South Africa?

MCA-Approved doctors operate internationally. You do not have to visit the UK to get your ENG1 medical certificate. Of course, that would be too expensive for a medical checkup now, would it not?

The UK’s Government website posts the list of all the MCA doctors present in the UK and overseas. You can find the list of doctors situated in the UK here. And you can find the list of doctors situated overseas here.

According to the list, 16 countries have MCA-approved doctors. One of the countries is South Africa. There are three MCA-approved doctors in South Africa, situated in Cape Town.

Dr A Stoner, Dr G Rosendorff & Dr A Daya

Netcare, Christiaan Barnard Medical Hospital
Suite1201,12 Floor,
Corner of DF Malan Street and Rue Batholemeu Dias Plain,
Cape Town

Tel: 00 27 21 424 2003

When do I require an ENG1 Medical Certificate?

According to the MCA Website (the UK Government website), you will require an ENG1 certificate if you are

  • a seafarer,
  • in charge of a ship,
  • serving on a merchant ship or yacht, or
  • working on a fishing vessel in some situations.

An ENG1 medical certificate is internationally recognised. To avoid scams, the maximum fee for an ENG1 medical examination is £115.

We have elaborated more about acquiring an ENG1 Medical Certificate of Fitness in this article.

And what is the ML5 Certificate?

As a South African seafarer, you will likely not require an ML5 certificate unless you will be working on ships in the UK domestically. It is a medical fitness certificate for domestic vessels and small commercial vessels that do not leave the UK maritime boundaries.

For more information on the ML5 certificate, visit this link.

Final Words

Getting your ENG1 Medical Certificate from an MCA-approved doctor is extremely crucial. Be mindful that the maximum fee for an ENG1 medical exam is £115.

These doctors are located in Cape Town. So, if you specifically need the ENG1 certificate but are not located in Cape Town, you may have to spend extra on travelling as well. Alternatively, a SAMSA Medical Certificate of Fitness would be also considered valid internationally, but the ENG1 medical certificate is arguably the most recognised.

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Where to find an MCA-Approved Doctor in South Africa?