A career on a ship like a cruise ship or a superyacht sure sounds lucrative. However, you will require certain qualifications before you can even start applying for these positions. One of the crucial qualifications prior to entering the marine industry is STCW Certification. The Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping certification has a variety of important modules for different positions in the marine industry. Nevertheless, all seagoing seafarers will require a basic STCW training certificate. And it is not exactly cheap. So, how much would an STCW Basic Training course cost in South Africa? Let’s find out in this article.

The Cost of STCW Basic Training Course in South Africa

Let’s get straight to the point. An STCW course in South Africa would cost you about ZAR8,000 to ZAR10,000. It is not exactly a cheap course, we know. However, it is a reasonable and expected cost given the course aims at equipping seafarers with theoretical and practical knowledge regarding sea safety, survival, emergencies, international regulations, and more. The course needs to keep up with the international standards of training, ensuring that seafarers will be capable of handling real emergencies.

For example, the Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention module has the practical setup to simulate a live situation. Or, the Sea Survival module has a pool setup with water that simulates sea water temperature. When you experience the course yourself, you understand its value. You understand that the price is justifiable.

Should I really pay for the STCW Course?

When you see the cost of the STCW Basic Training Course in South Africa, it is understandable if you are having second thoughts. The course is not exactly cheap and it can accumulate a financial burden if your budget has not been kept in check. Besides that, STCW is just an entry point. You will require more qualifications as you try to secure your employment.

For example, if you want to work on a superyacht, you will require the following at least:

  • an STCW Basic Safety Course,
  • ENG1 Medical Certificate,
  • the RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course, and
  • the Deckhand/Stewardess course.

And even then, you may have to take a step further to stand out in the crowd to secure employment on a superyacht.

For reference, take a look at these prices by Super Yachting South Africa.

Sigh! Should I really pursue a career in the marine industry?

You should if your finances allow it, or if you can manage your finances.

If it is your dream and if you are financially stable enough to pursue a career in the marine industry, have a go at it. Because after you secure employment, the returns are also quite lucrative. Isn’t that one of the reasons why someone would like to consider a career in the marine industry? The investment is sure a turn-off for some, but the return on investment is surely worth it.

Besides, if you are working in a fancy, luxurious environment like a superyacht or a cruise ship, it will be an adventure for you. An adventure of meeting people from the elite class, having a glimpse into their lifestyles, and of course, seeing the world! If that sounds like your thing, you may have your answer.

And we also have good news for you.

The Cost of STCW Basic Training Course in South Africa vs the World

Did you know that the cost of the STCW Basic Training Course is cheaper in South Africa than in the rest of the world? For example, if you take the STCW course at UKSA, you would be paying about £670. That roughly translates to ZAR15,700. Besides, as a foreigner, you will need accommodation. While UKSA does provide accommodation solutions, you would be paying extra for that, about £830 in total. Additionally, there will be visa costs and travel costs.

You can see that the South African STCW Course cost is significantly cheaper compared to the UK’s. Also, the STCW Course would cost about USD 900-1100 in the US, which roughly translates to ZAR 20,000 on the higher side.


So, there you have it. The cost of an STCW Basic Safety Course in South Africa would range between ZAR 8,000 and 10,000. And as we saw in the article, it is significantly cheaper compared to the UK and the US. Is it really worth it? It completely depends on your decisions and your financial situation. It is a question you have to answer by yourself.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an STCW Basic Safety Course or any other superyacht course in South Africa, Skipper Training SA is your friend in need. Feel free to give us a call or check out our STCW webpage for more information. We would be happy to help you out.

What is the Cost of STCW Course in South Africa?