Superyacht crews are usually brimming with youth and energy. An older person can dream of working on a superyacht—a lavish, luxurious environment with high-end standards and wages. However, they may feel like they are too old to ‘fit in’ on a superyacht. Well, let us tell you this: there is no upper age limit to work on a superyacht. The only thing that’s holding you down from pursuing this opportunity is your self-esteem. So, if you are feeling too old to work on a yacht, this article will convince you otherwise.

You’re NOT Too Old to Work on a Superyacht

Especially if you have experience working as a seafarer on a different vessel type or have rich experience in the hospitality industry. While you are never too old to work on a superyacht, you are still expected to bring relevant experience. If you are someone like that, then fret not. The superyacht industry welcomes a mature, experienced candidate onboard.

So, What makes an Older Person a Valuable Asset on a Superyacht?

There are plenty of reasons. Some of them could be personal but we will be focusing on objective reasons in this article.

1. You are an Experienced Individual in the Industry

As previously established, you are expected to bring experience to the table. If that’s you, then it makes you more than a suitable candidate for a superyacht. You can bring a fresh perspective to a superyacht’s work and hospitality environment. Or if you have a technical background, you can prove to be a valuable asset to the engineering team onboard.

The point is, your experience is the key to getting into the superyacht working environment. If you have that, you have passed the biggest hurdle. Now, you just have to focus on the certification requirements before you start applying for any superyacht position.

2. Work Ethics and Maturity

As an experienced candidate who has also experienced life, your demeanour and professionalism are refined. With your age, work ethic, and experience, the crew does not have to look after you as they would with a fresh, young, and inexperienced candidate. Instead, they may even rely on your experience to learn a thing or two to advance in their career. This makes you a valuable asset to a superyacht crew.

Challenges you may face as an Older Candidate

If you are looking to work on a superyacht, chances are, you will be starting in an entry position. Now, while that may be okay for a few older individuals, many in their 40s are not looking for entry-level positions.

Besides, the superyacht life means you will be working long hours of hardships. Working on a boat is intense labour. If you have previous seafarer experience, you can understand this. Besides that, a superyacht crew stays in smaller confined spaces, usually sharing their cabins with other crew members. Also, you may serve under a manager much younger than you. However, this should not be a problem for you if you are open-minded and a people person.

At the age of 40 or above, an adventure in life is not what one seeks, usually. However, if you think you will be okay with these arrangements, then you might just fit in. With your age and experience, you may be able to climb the promotion ladder a lot quicker than others.

So, are you really too old to work on a Superyacht?

The answer is no. But, are you still feeling like you’re too old to work on a superyacht? It is entirely possible to change careers in your 40s and seek a position on a superyacht. Of course, there are hardships you will have to face. But with a strong will and physique mixed with your experience and maturity, you can rapidly overcome these obstacles.

Now, to work on a yacht, you will need a few qualifications. If you are looking for superyacht crew courses in South Africa, you have come to the right place. Skipper Training SA can help you with the necessary certifications to achieve your dream career on a superyacht. For more information, feel free to connect with us today!

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